Kei Takei Premieres New Work at La MaMa, E.T.C.

Kei Takei's Moving Earth, now located in Tokyo and re-named, Kei Takei's Moving Earth, Orient Sphere, will present the World Premiere of "Empyrean Passage (LIGHT, Part 31)".On the same program will be "TIME DIARY (NAKANIWA)". The performances will take place from Wednesday, June 26 to saturday, June 29, 1996 at La MAMA, E.T.C. at 7:30 p.m.

The event, co-produced by La MAMA is the first major New York Season by the company since 1989.

Empyrean Passage (LIGHT, Part 31),a dance for 10 performers, is the latest of Kei Takei's ongoing LIGHT series.

In Empyrean Passage (LIGHT, Part 31) Kei Takei has found a new LIGHT - not like the earlier Parts of LIGHT - earth bound - with their wild and animal-like movement and gestures of striking the earth as if to arouse the spirits that dwelt therein, walking on, stepping on, planting in the earth, but one that ascends into the air. Empyrean Passage (LIGHT, Part 31) is a journey toward the fleeting instant of Time between sleepiness and dream, the state of being between hopes or wishes and prayer. The stage art, by Tetsu Maeda, expresses the static nature of the time reference in which humans live, in contrast with the natural changes which are wrought by the passage of Time.

TIME DIARY (NAKANIWA), also performed by 10 dancers concerns itself with the creative process, real and illusory, internal and external. Translated from Japanese, NAKANIWA means "a private enclosed space".

Original music for Empyrean Passage (LIGHT, Part 31) and for TIME DIARY (NAKANIWA) was composed by Yukio Tsuji, who will be performing the score live for the duration of the run. The sets for Empyrean Passage (LIGHT, Part 31) and for TIME DIARY (NAKANIWA) were created by Tetsu Maeda, one of Japan's foremost set designers. The lighting design is by Mr. Hisahi Adachi.

The present group was organized in Tokyo in 1992 in response to the compelling interest of numerous dancers in Ms. Takei's work. They have performed regularly in Japan, and are now making their second American appearance.

Place: La MAMA, 74A East 4th Street,
(between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
New York City.
Tickets: $15.00 (TDF accepted)
Audience Reservations: (212) 475-7710
Press Information: Audrey Ross...... (212) 586-3500; FAX 586-1050

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