Critical Acclaim for MOVING EARTH

"…exhausting, terrifying, hilarious ... beautiful"

Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

"....she is banging on the bottom most doors of the soul. How is it that the primitive. so often ponderous and fake, in other hands, emerges sinewy and true from Takei's?"

Joan Ross Acocella, Dancemagazine

"..overwhelming in its emotional effect. There is something awesome about her undertaking."

Jack Anderson, The New York Times

"The appearance of Kei Takei in Paris is one of the significant choreographic events of the year...it is essential to see the work of this Japanese woman, which resembles nothing we have seen thus far...one finds enchantment after enchantment."

Marcelle Michel, Le Monde

"As LIGHT has grown, so has dance itself, which now seems a deeper, more inclusive, more far- reaching art form than before Takei happened along."

Alan M. Kriegsman, The Washington Post

"The audience is given the chance to see deeply into each event, consider its aspects, deduce its significance. There is nothing like it in the Western World."

Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

"Like sound waves to the ear, Kei Takei's dances penetrate some deep recognizable place in us. Their elegance, like hers derives from simplicity, honesty and clarity. The sense of community that unites her dancers reached out and touched us all."

The Durham Morning Herald

"Kei Takei restores one's faith in the primordial strength of dance art. It has become evident over the past half-decade that Takei is one of the most significant makers of dance in today's world. Her work is startlingly original, at once simple and complex, and as compelling as the law of gravity. Its impact is immediate and visceral, yet so resonant in so many directions, that one speaks without embarrassment about "profundity" and "universality" in regard to LIGHT. No Capsule description can convey the spell these dances cast."

Alan M. Kriegsman, The Washington Post

"...a modern myth building up under our eyes."

Marcia B. Siegel, The SOHO Weekly News

"...stations that appear during the night of man’s eternal journey."

Horst Koegler, Das Tanz Archiv, Graz, Austria

"Takei is an outstanding performer - like an animal, like a spring, everything full, nothing extra."

Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

"Takei is a genuine original, boldly and fearlessly probing the psychic depths garden variety dance makers habitually shun."

Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Examiner

"The creativity inherent in this outstanding choreography takes many diverse forms, but is always consistent. In the beauty and force, where a thousand repeated images unfold, we see an explosion of the dance vocabulary."

Jean Pierre Pastori, Geneva, Switzerland

"Her work is neither Eastern or Western - it is distinctly her own. A rich, unique and unified choreographic vision."

Cerinda Suivant, Chicago Arts Magazine

"Just when one begins to wonder how many more segments Kei can add to this ongoing saga, she comes up with something, funny, poignant and absolutely wonderful... she is absolutely sui generis."

Lillie Rosen, Attitude Magazine

"What is clear about Takei's work is its formal beauty, its intellectual rigor, its universality."

Anne Marie Welsh, The San Diego Union

"Takei's works are succinct and beautifully shaped, but they have a powerful effect, the performer's physical and spiritual forces stir things in our own bodies..."

Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice